Torcher Tailor (2012)

Rose-thistle Sleeve - Lampworked borosilicate glass by Ayako Tani
Rose-Thistle Sleeve (2012)

Torcher Chamber Arkestra is a glass performance project led by artist Carrie Fertig. I contributed this work for the performance ‘Torcher Tailor’, as part of the International Festival of Glass in 2012.














Rose-Thistle Sleeve (2012) Ayako Tani
for the performance ‘Torcher Tailor’ by Torcher Chamber Archestra.

Torcher Tailor (2012) Second performance by Torcher Chamber Arkestra.
Saturday, August 25 at the International Festival of Glass, Ruskin Glass Centre, UK.
Featuring original music by Alistair MacDonald, Juliette MacDonald and Phil Mason. Bride is sculptor Jessica Ramm. Flameworkers: Diana East, Carrie Fertig, Zoe Garner, James Lethbridge, Sabine Little, Yi (Pearl) Peng, Ayako Tani, & Sean Taylor.

Torcher Tailor (2012) at International Festival of Glass